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At Affinity Angling, we take pride in our fish handling skills, and respect towards the fish that we chase.

Barbless hooks play a big role in our fishing practices and goes a long way in preserving the quality of the fisheries.

We often recapture fish throughout the course of its life, getting to monitor the growth rate and location changes. This type of information is invaluable to us. We have captured fish in the same spots many times, and as far away as 45km. Sometimes within days, or even years!

We have participated in tagging programs to monitor different species, and have noticed remarkable migration patterns. We strive to improve fishing quality and advocate for habitat improvement. Getting more involved with local fisheries and restoration is something we hope to improve on every year.

Fish need friends!

Saving Streamers

Saving streamers is a Non-Profit Facebook page started by Neil Leduc and Tyler Dunsmore.
The premise is for Fly Tyers to donate their creations, and they are auctioned off for stream rehabilitation in the Maitland River & Grand River watersheds. The page gives people a chance to buy hand made donated flies at a reasonable price, and the proceeds go back to sustaining healthy fisheries. You can visit the page anytime, but between February and April the site is most active!
Just one simple way for anglers, and guides to give back to the rivers we love during the winter.



Catch and Release Program

Affinity Angling runs a catch and release program for wild Brook Trout and Steelhead. 

We see the benefits of catch and release, and try to keep the fish wet at all costs in our possession. We can't stress enough about limited time out of water. We can get a one second lift photo, but if it doesn't work out, we will get a good photo for you in the net, or releasing.


Speed is a priority when handling these fish. We get some great 'keep em wet' shots and highly recommend!
( We have lots of experience getting a quick photo, or video but really try to keep the out of water photos to a minimum)


We keep all fish in the net, fully submerged in water, not touching the sides and more like a holding tank. It's a team effort, un-hook the fish, quick snap and gone! Experienced anglers will have an easier time with this process, but we have a system in place to ensure a chance for your photo without stressing the fish.


Proper nets are a must if you're going to use them, allowing the fish space to rest in the water. They also serve as a great place to get a photo without taking the fish out of water.


*If a fish appears to be noticeably stressed after the battle, we might warn you that it needs to be released quickly, and you can capture a photo as we release if able. This doesn't happen often but we can't compromise the health of the fish for a photo. 

Thanks for understanding, and taking part!

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Our Location

Summer: Nipigon, Ontario 

Winter: Southern Ontario

Tel: 1-519-503-CAST (2278)

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