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Fly Rod Setups

         * If you would prefer to use our equipment, just let us know!*

Brook trout:
Single hand 6-8WT rods & Reels  
( recommended  9 or 10' 7 WT rod for Nipigon region)
Spey or Switch rods in 6-8WT, large arbour reel to match.

The heavy current in the river, and size of the Brook trout  make the 7WT a great all around rod.

Fly Lines: Floating lines WF with versileader sink tip attachments for single hand. We like to make the fish come to the fly here and greaselining and skating flies on the surface can be very effective.
10 foot tips ranging from floating-7IPS will cover it all for under the surface. No dredging deep needed or wanted here!


Spey/Switch lines: Floating Skagit or Compact scandi recommended.
11-13FT rods fish nicely from the boat. There are spots to let the longer rods howl for those who prefer as well. Integrated lines are nice for stripping options.


Leader/Tippet: 10 & 12lb fluorocarbon for wet flies & tapered leaders for dry fly in 9-15 ft.  (recommended 12' 10# & 12# leaders for dry fly) 














Steelhead, Chinook, Lake Trout:
Single hand 7-9WT rods & reels
Spey or Switch 6-9WT

(Recommended  8WT single or 7 Spey) 
We do fish the 6WT switch on the big river for migratory fish, its a lot of fun but you must bring your

Fly Lines:
Single hand floating WF lines with light 10 ' sink tips. Floating - 7IPS will cover it all here for migratory species.
Skagit or compact scandi preferred in the boat. Floating heads with 10 tips in floating- 7IPS will cover it all. 
Heavy current, and hard fighters in the Nipigon region make the 8WT our favourite Choice for Coaster Brook trout, Steelhead and Chinook Season. Make sure your backing is in check as the big river sees some line-stealing thieves every year!


Leader/Tippet: generally 10&12lb fluorocarbon for wet flies & tapered leaders for dry fly in 9-15 ft. (recommended 12' 10# & 12# leaders for dry fly) 


Lake trout on the big Lakes:
 Sinking lines or a 20-30' integrated sink tip allow for targeting schooling lakers on the open reefs. Other times like early spring, late fall & in the river, they will be shallow enough for floating line & sink tip.

Nipigon & Lake Superior Pike:
Rods in 9-11WT with matching reels (preferred 9 ft 10 or 11WT)
The pike in this region are just giants. Lake Nipigon & Superior provide a realistic chance at a 50 incher. You here stories of 50, but rarely with proof. This is a legendary mark for Northern Pike in Ontario, especially with the girth and weight of a Nipigon or Superior giant. 
We catch 45+ inch pike every month and plenty over 40 inches.
With clear water and sight fishing abilities, you're likely to see a few old brutes that make you wonder if you just saw the 50! 

 Many places you could get away fishing for Pike with lighter rods, but we aren't messing around in this region!

Fly Lines: Floating lines for spring-early summer. Floating or Intermediate tip for the mid summer-early fall weed beds.

Leaders/Tippet: 30 or 40LB mono leader (4-6ft) with a 12" 40LB RIO bite wire. This knottable wire has proven to be a staple in the hunt for  toothy critters on the fly. No snap swivels, we tie direct.

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Our Location

Summer: Nipigon, Ontario 

Winter: Southern Ontario

Tel: 1-519-503-CAST (2278)

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