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Big Fish & Big Water

Welcome to Affinity Angling!      Nipigon,ON,Canada


Fishing on big water for big fish is what we are all about!
We specialize in Fly Fishing, and accommodate all anglers.


Come join us for a day, or a week! We can set you up with local accommodations in Nipigon, and pick you up at the airport if needed. This is also a drive-to destination! 


A flight to Thunder Bay saves miles on the road, and then just an hour drive east. We can supply all of the fishing gear if needed, so you can pack light.

Brook Trout, Monster Pike, Steelhead, Salmon, Lake Trout & more.

Focus on one species, or take advantage of the multi species options that we have to offer. 


A trip to Nipigon should be on every anglers bucket list!


The Nipigon Adventure

Neil Leduc is one of few people that has more hours driving a boat than behind the wheel of a car. You can book a trip with Neil in Nipigon from Mid May until the end of September. (The last Brook Trout day is Sept.15th)

Fly Fishers will connect extremely well with Neil, as he has been guiding full time since 2007. Fly fishing is second nature, and has been a significant part of his life and guide program.

With guiding experience from the banks of the famous Skeena River in B.C, to Southern & Northern Ontario, Neil has the guiding experience to accommodate the most experienced fly anglers. We take pride in giving you the upper hand with boat control and can assure you are in capable hands. 

If you are looking for an intro to fly fishing or at the beginner level, you're safe here! You won't have to tell a classic story of 'angry guide' making you feel inadequate. Some of the best memories of the year are made when someone who is quite new to fly fishing connects with a beauty. We are here to put you in the best scenario regardless of your skill level!
















We have a great dry fly window in the summer for those who would like to fish the surface, and it is one of our specialties. We offer a great two handed venue all year long as well. The big swift rivers and current in the lake make this place a spey fishing paradise! 


You can enjoy our hand tied flies, specifically tied for each species and situation.

Wild Brook Trout, Steelhead, Monster Pike & Lake Trout are generally what we chase at Affinity Angling, but there are many other species for a bonus!

Our constant observation and interaction with the fishery translates into watching people have success. Being on the water everyday gives us an upper hand to have you in the right place at the right time.


If you are a pro, or have never fished before, everyone is welcome!

There are many different experiences to be had with Affinity Angling.

A trip to the Nipigon area will certainly be a memorable one!

  *Located 1 hour from Thunder Bay 


Swinging Flies

Nipigon is famous for the world record Brook Trout!

The area offers opportunity for those who love to 'swing flies' with single hand or two handed fly rods.

( Like us!)


At times, you might forget if we are chasing Brook trout or Steelhead and may even be fooled by one or the other. This makes every grab of the fly a good one, hard hits, and it never gets old!



"Pike, Brook trout, Lake Trout, Steelhead and Chinook on the fly, it was rediculous! Couldn't ask for a better guide and will be back same dates next year." 

-Brad, 34

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Our Location

Summer: Nipigon, Ontario 

Winter: Southern Ontario

Tel: 1-519-503-CAST (2278)

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